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A Small Class is the Best Learning Environment

That’s why both Oxford and Cambridge Universities teach in small groups.

Compare our class sizes to all other training companies who often have up to 16 delegates per class!

Research over and over again has shown that one of the easiest ways to improve the overall performance of students is to reduce the student population of each class.

Benefits of Small classes:

  • Give each individual student greater access to the teacher.
  • Every student has the opportunity to ask questions and to go over any topics.
  • Learning and understanding of the subject matter is greatly improved.
  • Opportunities for students to work and develop their skills in small groups is inherent in smaller classes.
  • There are fewer distractions in the class.

 Research Studies around the world prove it

The Student-Teacher Achievement Ratio (STAR) studies, the Student Achievement Grade in Education Program (SAGE) studies and California's CSR Research Consortium studies have all concluded that, independent of all other variables, the reduction of class sizes has positive effects on student performance.

The positive results of smaller classes in controlled studies were unequivocal and consistent. Learning and understanding  of the subject matter was greatly improved as every student has the opportunity to ask questions and to go over any topics.

Data from four nations, the United States, Hong Kong, England and Switzerland presented at the 2008 meeting of the American Educational Research Association and analysed by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, reinforces the conclusion that smaller classes are advantageous, independent of teacher quality or teaching methods.