F1 Virtual Training
             Engaging, effective and immersive learning between real and virtual classrooms

  1. Overview
  2. How it Works
  3. The Virtual Training Package
  4. What to Expect
  5. FAQ


Virtual Training combines the latest video and screen-sharing technologies with high powered portable laptops to bring you the closest experience to in-person classroom training from almost any location.

How it works
Our exclusive "in-classroom" virtual environment brings you the complete, premium training experience, live to your home and office.

  • One laptop extended across 3 screens act as windows to the classroom allowing you to simultaneously see, hear and follow the instructor’s desktop and video feed, while working through your own labs.

  • Continuous interaction with instructor and other students through high quality video cameras and microphone

  • Direct personal assistance available at request from the instructor who can share control your PC and guide you through labs.

  • Locally run content means no delay and allows you to work through your course at the same speed as everyone else.

The Virtual Training Package:

  • One Windows 8 Dell 17" laptop with 16gb of RAM
  • Two 17” Dell Wide screen monitors
  • HD [brand] Headset
  • High quality Web Cam
  • Access to F1’s distance learning classroom

Combining advanced and effective video conferencing and screen sharing technologies to bring you the most encompassing and engaging distance learning experience on the market.

What to expect?

Before your scheduled course start date, you will receive a large package with your training equipment and instructions. You will simply need an empty desk to set up on, where you plug the two external screens, mouse and headset into the Laptop provided, and then turn it on.

Upon logging in you must connect the laptop to your Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi (Ethernet is the preferred option). Then, follow the simple instructions of navigating your internet browser to our virtual learning classroom page provided in the instructions.

Once you have opened up both virtual classrooms, (one for desktop and one for video) you can drag and drop them into your two external screens to continue viewing at your own pleasure.

The Distance Learning support staff will briefly show you how to enable and disable your microphone and video feed, empowering you to direct your own experience. The staff will remain on hand to offer assistance with questions or issues you have for the duration of your course.

Finally, you can open up HyperV manager in your taskbar, and connect to your virtual machine.

Once the class begins you can introduce yourself and begin learning, asking questions and getting that personal involvement which makes F1’s classes so effective.

Watch How Adobe Connect supports Distance Learning


  1. Does Virtual Training include additional fees?
    Virtual Training is a free service offered by F1 for delegates who can’t attend training in-person. A £600 deposit will be included to the price of the course and will be refunded on the return of the Virtual Training package.

  2. Do I need a fast internet connection to run Virtual Training?
    Because virtual images are run locally on your machine, Virtual Training only requires a stable internet connection to connect you to the instructor. There is no necessary internet speed, however, we would strongly recommend a stable 6mb connection to get consistent video and audio streams.

  3. What do I need to supply?
    The Virtual Training package is designed to be a complete, self-contained unit that only requires a mains power supply to plug into, and internet connection. However, it is recommended that you have a relatively noise and distraction free environment with an empty desk to set up on.

  4. Do I need to assemble the Virtual Training package?
    A clear set of instructions will come with the package detailing the simple setup. You simply plug the two external screens into the laptop, along with the mouse and headset, and power on. Then, follow a few simple steps to connect online into the distance learning classroom. A phone number for our on-hand distance learning staff will be included in the instructions.

  5. What is the class size with Distance learning?
    F1's mantra has always been that when it comes to training, nothing beats small, personal classes with as much individual attention as possible. That’s why are classes are capped at just 6 delegates, whether attending remotely or in-person, maintaining the best possible learning environment for our students.

  6. Is the technology reliable?
    Absolutely. F1 use many great technologies such as Microsoft Lync, Adobe Connect and Join.me to offer customers the best and most stable Distance Learning experience we can.

  7. What if I want to convert to face to face classroom training?
    No problem. You can convert to the classroom course at any time free of charge.

  8. How do I interact with the trainer and how does the trainer help me if I have problems with one of the labs?
    Both you and the trainer use high specification desktop microphones and speakers. At all times you can see the trainer and  share your video feed with other students in the classroom so they can see you. If you do have a problem with one of your labs on your PC, a single button on our student phone allows you to initiate a private call with the trainer who can view your screen and help you with your lab.
  9. How do I interact with the other students?
    The classroom students can address you by speaking to the microphone on the trainers desk. If however they speak too quietly, the trainer will repeat their questions so all students can hear both question and answer.
  10. What support staff are available?
    In both F1 training centres, support staff are available at all times to sort out any issues you have. A contact number for the support staff will be included with your Virtual Training Package.
  11. Is it really 'like being there!"
    Inevitably, like many things in life, nothing beats being in the same physical location to maximise the experience and interaction!

    However, if for any reason it is not possible or practical for you to come to our classroom, F1 have made it our mission to offer the next best thing. You can see the trainer's screen, hear and interact with the trainer and other students and have private phone conversations with the trainer if you wish.
    At all times the trainer can see your screen and help you with your labs on a one to one basis just like they would in the classroom.

  12. What courses are available via F1's distance learning?
    The majority of courses are available via Distance Learning and more are being added all the time. However, a few courses, due to the intensity of the training or complexity of the technology can only be taught face to face in the classroom.

  13. Can I buy the F1 Virtual training kit?
    Unfortunately no as the software it contains is only licensed to you for the duration of your course and it has to be retuned to F1 after the course has been completed.

  14. How to I arrange delivery and collection of the F1 Virtual Training kit?
    When you book on a F1 virtual training course you will be asked fro a refundable deposit to cover the cost of the hardware in case of damage or loss. We then contact you to arrange delivery of the kit and prior to the course you contact our support team to help you set up your F1 Training kit. At the end of the course, F1 support staff will contact you to arrange for collection of the kit at a convenient time and when it is received back by F1 your deposit will be refunded.

  15. what if my internet speed is too slow?
    Prior to dispatching the F1 Virtual Training kit to you, our support team will ask you to conduct a short broadband speed test to confirm your speed is fast enough (500kb upload and 4mb download is fine). if your internet is too slow to support simultaneous three screen use, we will give you the option to instead use just one or two screens instead.  

  16. Can I use my own PC or laptop?
    Of course, providing it matches the required specification. However, obviously we recommend our preconfigured kit to give you the full F1 Virtual training experience. 

    Please call 0800 169 1890 or email sales@f1comp.co.uk for more information.

Any other questions?
Please email sales@f1comp.co.uk and we will do our best to answer them.