Getting Started in Microsoft Development



Microsoft is one of the leading and most successful software companies in the world with a great track record of software development and innovation.

Looking to the future, Microsoft is reinventing itself as a company focused on 'mobile and the cloud', with customers' productivity and empowerment at its' core.


Getting Started

Individuals looking to either start a career in software development/programming or just increase their own skillset are well advised to consider focusing on Microsoft and their development tools.

As the premium Microsoft Gold Certified Learning Partner in the UK focusing on developer skills, F1 is pleased to announce the release of our new "Getting Started in Microsoft Development" training path, which has the following advantages:

  • There is no prerequisite requirement for developer experience or skill set other than knowing how to use a mouse and a Windows PC.
  • It is perfectly aligned to be the first step towards acheiving the world-acclaimed MCSD certification tracks. (The alternative MTA courses, which are sourced from the academic arena, are not specifically aligned to help students move to the more advanced MCSD qualifications.)
  • It takes advantage of F1's vast experience (nearly 3 decades!) in Microsoft development and training to fast track students from absolute beginner to proficient developer in only five days.


The Training Courses

The "Getting Started in Microsoft Development" training path consists of the following courses and can be taken in 5 consecutive days or spaced within the timeframe best suited to the student.  Click on the hyperlinks below for course content and scheduled dates.

Step     Title
  1       10975: Introduction to Programming (3 days)

  2       F1074: Introduction to Microsoft Web UI (2 days)


The Next Step

 At the end of the 5 days introductory training, students are then able to move forward with the following official Microsoft certification paths:

1) MCSD: Web Applications

2) MCSD Windows Store Applications

Call F1 today on 0800 1691890, or email us at, to discuss the first step in your exciting future as a Microsoft Developer!