Exchange Server 2007

Managing Messaging Security using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
(Microsoft Training Course: 5049) - 1 day - £435 exc VAT

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> Target Audience
This course provides messaging specialists with the knowledge and skills to manage messaging security and policies. It is designed for enterprise-level messaging administrators who have at least 3 years experience working in the Information Technology field, including administering Exchange Servers.
> Course outline
  1. Maintaining Antivirus and Anti-spam Systems
  2. Configuring Edge Transport Servers
  3. Implementing Messaging Policies

Module 1: Maintaining Antivirus and Anti-spam Systems
  • This module describes how to maintain antivirus and anti-spam systems.
  • Introduction to Antivirus and Anti-Spam Management
  • Implementing Anti-spam Features
  • Implementing Antivirus Features
  • Lab: Maintaining Antivirus and Anti-Spam Systems
  • Describe antivirus and anti-spam management.
  • Implement anti-spam features.
  • Implement antivirus features.
Module 2: Configuring Edge Transport Servers
  • This module describes how to configure edge transport servers.
  • Deploying Edge Transport Servers
  • Configuring Internet Message Delivery
  • Configuring Security for Internet E-Mail
  • Lab: Configuring Edge Transport Servers
  • Deploy edge transport servers.
  • Configure Internet message delivery.
  • Configure security for Internet e-mail.
Module 3: Implementing Messaging Policies
  • This module describes how to implement transport rules.
  • Introducing Messaging Policy and Compliance
  • Implementing Messaging Records Management
  • Implementing Transport Rules
  • Lab: Implementing Messaging Policies
  • Describe messaging policy and compliance.
  • Implement messaging records management.
  • Implement transport rules.
> Pre-Requisites
Before attending this course, students must have the following pre-requisites:
  • Working knowledge of malware.
  • Conceputal understanding of firewalls.
  • Working knoweldge of how Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is managed in the directory.
  • Experience using NTBackup command, NSLookup command, Active Directory Users and Computers tool, Active Directory Sites and Services tool, and Internet Information Services (IIS) administrataion tool.
  • Experience using Microsoft Windows Explorer, Microsoft Management Console (MMC), and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Working knowledge of Windows Server operating system.
  • Working knowledge of network technologies.
  • Working knowledge of Active Directory.
  • Working knowledge of Exchange Server 2007.
  • Conceptual understanding of e-mail technologies.
> Purpose
After completing this course, students will be ableto manage anti-spam and antivirus features; configure edge transport servers; implement messaging policies.