Building Better Microsoft Office Word 2003 Documents in Less Time
(Microsoft Training Course: 4008) - 0.5 day - £600 exc VAT

> Target Audience
This course offers an intermediate\ advanced introduction to the key concepts and core elements of working effectively with complex Word documents. It is designed for those experienced in Microsoft Office who work in Word regularly and create a variety of document types.
> Course outline
  1. Introduction to the Core Concepts of Microsoft Word
  2. Using Styles Effectively
  3. Simplifying Your Document with Tables
  4. Managing Graphics Successfully
  5. Maximizing the Benefits of Fields

Module 1: Introduction to the Core Concepts of Microsoft Word
  • Walkthrough 1: Introducing the Core Concepts of Microsoft Word
  • Walkthrough 2: The Three Levels of Formatting
  • Walkthrough 3: The Third Level-Understanding Sections
  • Introduction to the Key Components of Complex Word Documents
  • Understand the approach of this course.
  • Understand how content is organized in a Word document.
  • Understand how to identify the best practices for accomplishing tasks in Word.
Module 2: Using Styles Effectively
  • Walkthrough 1: The Benefits of Word Styles
  • Walkthrough 2: Create and Manage Paragraph Styles
  • Exercise: Building a Better Document-Using Styles Effectively
  • Best Practices for Working with Styles
  • Understand the importance of styles to Word documents.
  • Create and use paragraph styles effectively.
Module 3: Simplifying Your Document with Tables
  • Walkthrough 1: Using Tables to Simplify Your Documents
  • Walkthrough 2: Timesaving Techniques for Creating and Managing Tables
  • Exercise: Building a Better Document-Mastering Complex Layouts
  • Best Practices for Working with Tables
  • Understand the many uses of tables.
  • Create and manage tables more easily and more effectively.
Module 4: Managing Graphics Successfully
  • Walkthrough 1: Understand Picture and Object Types in Word
  • Walkthrough 2: Placing Graphics Securely in Word
  • Exercise: Building a Better Document-Managing Graphics with Ease
  • Best Practices for Working with Graphics
  • Understand the differences in picture and object types and how they affect documents.
  • Understand the benefits of using other Office programs to create some types of document graphics.
  • Place and manage graphics in Word more easily and with better results.
Module 5: Maximizing the Benefits of Fields
  • Walkthrough 1: Simplify Your Work with Fields
  • Walkthrough 2: Create and Edit Field Codes
  • Exercise: Building a Better Document-Adding a Table of Contents
  • Understand what fields are and how they can be used.
  • Create and edit fields directly on screen, as both a timesaver and for added formatting flexibility.
  • Access additional resources for help in creating and managing Word documents as well as to learn more about document production using Word and other Microsoft Office programs.
> Pre-Requisites
Before attending this course, students must have the following pre-requisites:
  • Experience in using Microsoft Word, including entering and formatting text; saving, accessing, and printing documents; familiarity with the most common document views.
  • Knowledge on how to navigate in a document and at least some experience with basic tools such as Find and Replace, Comments, Bookmarks, Track Changes, AutoText, and AutoCorrect options; the Options dialog box on the Tools menu.
  • Additional experience in Word, such as: formatting paragraph styles and applying them in a document; creating and formatting tables using Word; using graphics in a Word document, and some familiarity copying content between Word and other Office applications.
> Purpose
After completing the course, students will be able to create or edit complex documents more effectively, in less time; create documents that are more professional-looking as well as being easier to manage for long-term collaboration and editing needs; understand the underlying concepts of Word, in order to take on unfamiliar Word tasks more confidently and more efficiently.