Visual Studio 2005

Developing Web Applications with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
(Microsoft Training Course: F1025) - 2 days - £1200 exc VAT

> Target Audience
This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop a project using ASP.NET AJAX technologies. It is designed for ASP.NET 2.0 web content developers, and may also be useful to web project managers, architects, analysts and designers.
> Course outline
  1. ASP.NET Review
  2. AJAX Internals
  3. ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls
  4. ASP.NET AJAX Debugging and Tracing
  5. Working with AJAX and Nested Server Components
  6. Client-Side Network Callbacks with ASP.NET AJAX
  7. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Controls
  8. Custom AJAX Development

Module 1: ASP.NET Review
  • Server Controls
  • View State
  • ASP.NET Postbacks
  • Page Lifecycle
  • User Controls
  • Custom Controls
  • Master Pages
  • HTTP Request Pipeline
  • Custom HttpModules and HttpHandlers
  • Demo: ASP.NET Architectural Overview
  • Implement basic ASP.NET 2.0 functionality.
  • Understand ASP.NET architectural concepts.
Module 2: AJAX Internals
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM and DHTML
  • The HmlHttpRequest Object
  • Registering Client Script Blocks
  • ICallbackEventHandler Interface and Client Callbacks
  • Demo: Implementing AJAX Manually
  • Lab: Using the XmlHttpRequest Object
  • Work with XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Program with the XmlHttpRequest object.
  • Understand ASP.NET AJAX architecture.
Module 3: ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls
  • Page Postbacks versus Partial Page Updates
  • ScriptManager
  • UpdatePanel
  • Intrinsic Events
  • UpdateMode
  • Triggers Collection
  • Timer
  • UpdateProgress
  • ScriptManagerProxy
  • Demo: How Partial Page Update Works
  • Lab: Taking Advantage of Partial Page Updates
  • Implement Partial Page Updates.
  • Co-ordinate Partial Page Updates.
  • Understand client-side AJAX functionality.
Module 4: ASP.NET AJAX Debugging and Tracing
  • Configuring the Web App for Debugging
  • Server-side Debugging and Tracing
  • Client-side Debugging
  • Configuring Internet Explorer for Debugging
  • Attaching Visual Studio Internet Explorer
  • Demo: A typical ASP.NET AJAX Debugging Session
  • Debug and Trace server-side code.
  • Debug client-side code.
Module 5: Working with AJAX and Nested Server Components
  • ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy
  • Master Pages and AJAX
  • User Controls and AJAX
  • Custom Controls and AJAX
  • Demo: Using ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy controls
  • Lab: Using ASP.NET AJAX with Master Pages and Content Pages
  • Use ASP.NET AJAX with master pages.
  • Use ASP.NET AJAX with User Controls.
Module 6: Client-Side Network Callbacks with ASP.NET AJAX
  • Making a Web Service AJAX Friendly
  • Calling a Web Service from JavaScript
  • JSON Serialisation
  • Multi-threading the Web Interface
  • Demo: Calling Back to the Server
  • Lab: Taking Advantage of ASP.NET AJAX Callbacks
  • Invoke Web Service methods from client-side script.
  • Invoke page methods from client-side script.
  • Use data binding with server data from client-side script.
  • Understand JSON request/response messages.
Module 7: ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Controls
  • Accordion Control
  • AlwaysVisible Extender
  • Calendar Control
  • CascadingDropDown Extender
  • Collapsible Panel Extender
  • Draggable Panel Extender
  • DropShadow Extender
  • DyanicPopulate Extender
  • FilteredTextbox Extender
  • HoverMenu Extender
  • ModalPopup Extender
  • PasswordStrength Extender
  • PopUp Extender
  • RoundedCorners Extender
  • TextBox Watermark Extender
  • ToggleButton Extender
  • Demo: The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Showcase
  • Lab: Working with ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit Controls
  • Install the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.
  • Use the AJAX Toolkit controls.
Module 8: Custom AJAX Development
  • Custom Server Control Client Behaviours
  • Localised JavaScript Resource Assembly
  • Working with Silverlight and AJAX
  • AJAX Library JavaScript Extensions
  • Actions
  • Behaviours
  • Client-Side Data-Binding
  • Demo: How ASP.NET AJAX Client Controls Work
  • Lab: Creating a Simple ASP.NET AJAX Client Control
  • Custom Client Script Injection
  • Custom ASP.NET AJAX Non-Visual Client Components
  • Custom ASP.NET AJAX Server Control
  • Custom ASP.NET AJAX Client Controls
  • Encapsulate reusable client scripts across applications.
  • Create non-visual custom ASP.NET AJAX Client Components.
  • Creating custom ASP.NET AJAX Client Controls.
  • Add client behaviours using ASP.NET AJAX Extensions.
  • Add client capabilities using ASP.NET AJAX Extensions.
  • Work with Silverlight and AJAX.
> Pre-Requisites
Before attending this course, students must have the following pre-requisites:
  • Have C# or VB.NET programming skills.
  • Understand general ASP.NET 2.0 programming concepts.
  • Understand general XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax and functionality.
> Purpose
After completing the course, students will be able to take advantage of AJAX programming techniques; understand ASP.NET AJAX architecture; implement Partial Page Updates; make use of ASP.NET AJAX with Master Pages; invoke Web Service Methods and Page Methods from client-side JavaScript; make use of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit; develop Custom ASP.NET AJAX components; debug ASP.NET AJAX applications.