Web Development

Building E-Commerce Solutions Business-to-Business
(Microsoft Training Course: 1588) - 2 days - £1200 exc VAT

> Target Audience
This course teaches developers how to implement business-to-customer and business-to-business commerce solutions using Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition and the pipeline technology.
> Course outline
  1. Understanding E-Commerce
  2. Building a Site
  3. Enhancing the Product Catalogue
  4. Managing a Shopping Cart
  5. Processing Orders
  6. Checking Out
  7. Completing the Purchase Process
  8. Tracking Shopper Information
  9. Implementing Business-to-Business Commerce

Supplementary InformationThis course has now retired and is no longer available. We suggest you look at Courses [[{http://www.F1Comp.Co.UK/computer_training/Microsoft_Training_Courses/Visual-Studio-2005/2543.aspx}2543: Core Web Application Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005]] and [[{http://www.F1Comp.Co.UK/computer_training/Microsoft_Training_Courses/Visual-Studio-2005/2544.aspx}2544: Advanced Web Applications Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005]].
Module 1: Understanding E-Commerce
  • Overview of electronic commerce (e-commerce)
  • Tour of a sample site
  • Introduction to Commerce Server
  • Explain what e-commerce is.
  • Describe the need for e-commerce.
  • Explain how business is transacted on an e-commerce site.
  • List the features and requirements of a good e-commerce site.
  • List a few e-commerce sites on the Internet.
  • Explain what Commerce Server is.
  • List the Commerce Server tools that enable creation of customized e-commerce sites.
Module 2: Building a Site
  • Creating a site foundation
  • Creating a site
  • Working with the Server Administration pages
  • Lab: Creating a new Commerce Server site
  • Create a foundation for a site by using the Site Foundation Wizard.
  • Build the site by using the Site Builder Wizard and populate it with departments, products, and product attributes.
  • Perform simple administrative tasks by using the Server Administration pages.
Module 3: Enhancing the Product Catalogue
  • Introducing Commerce Server objects
  • Modifying wizard-generated catalogue pages
  • Adding product search capability
  • Implementing Cross-Sell
  • Lab: Customizing product catalogue pages
  • Describe Commerce Server objects.
  • Modify product catalog pages generated by the Site Builder Wizard to display custom attributes.
  • Add product search capability to the site.
  • Implement Cross-Sell functionality in the site.
Module 4: Managing a Shopping Cart
  • Managing a shopping session
  • Adding items to a shopping cart
  • Displaying, updating, and removing items
  • Implementing price promotions
  • Implementing Upsell
  • Lab: Implementing Upsell
  • Explain the need for identifying shoppers in a site.
  • Generate a shopper ID and assign it to a shopping session.
  • Add, remove, and update items in a shopping cart.
  • Use Promotions Wizard to add price discounts and special offers on products.
  • Implement Upsell functionality.
Module 5: Processing Orders
  • Understanding order processing
  • Running the order processing pipeline (OPP)
  • Understanding the plan pipeline
  • Describe what an OPP is.
  • Explain how an OPP works.
  • List the types of OPP.
  • Set up error handling to process errors that occur when the OPP is running.
  • Describe the 14 stages of the plan pipeline.
Module 6: Checking Out
  • Capturing shopper information
  • Computing order value
  • Adding a scriptor component
  • Lab: Adding a scriptor component
  • Explain the components in the plan pipeline that compute tax, shipping and handling charges, and the total cost of an order.
  • Customize the shipping page to allow shoppers from all countries to shop at the site.
  • Add a scriptor component to compute tax.
Module 7: Completing the Purchase Process
  • Understanding purchases
  • Executing the purchase OPP
  • Tracking an order
  • Securing business transactions
  • Lab: Tracking order status
  • Capture payment information in an HTML form or by using Microsoft Wallet.
  • Generate simple order numbers.
  • Track the status of an order.
  • Explain how business transactions are secured using HTTPS and digital certificates.
Module 8: Tracking Shopper Information
  • Using cookies to track shoppers
  • Using registration table to track shoppers
  • Lab: Using registration table to track shoppers
  • Store and retrieve shopper information by using cookies.
  • Store and retrieve shopper information by using a registration table.
Module 9: Implementing Business-to-Business Commerce
  • Business-to-business commerce
  • Business partner functionality
  • Lab: Implementing business partner functionality
  • Explain business-to-business commerce.
  • Implement business partner functionality in your site.
> Pre-Requisites
Before attending this course, the student must have the following pre-requisites:
  • The ability to write client- and server-side script in either Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition or JScript.
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming techniques
  • Familiarity with basic Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 commands, such as creating a device, creating a database, and querying a database
  • The ability to work with Active Server Pages (ASP) and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) concepts.
  • HTML programming skills.
  • Completed Course 1017, Mastering Web Application Development Using Microsoft Visual InterDev 6, or have equivalent knowledge.
  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Web development products, including Microsoft Internet Information Server, FrontPage Web site creation and management tool, and Visual InterDev.
> Purpose
At the end of the course, students will be able to create the foundation for a commerce-enabled Web site; create a simple commerce-enabled Web site; import product data to the site; create a business-to-customer order processing pipeline; create a custom component for the business-to-customer order processing pipeline; create a part of a simple business-to-business order processing pipeline.
> Supplementary Information
This course has now retired and is no longer available. We suggest you look at Courses [[{http://www.F1Comp.Co.UK/computer_training/Microsoft_Training_Courses/Visual-Studio-2005/2543.aspx}2543: Core Web Application Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005]] and [[{http://www.F1Comp.Co.UK/computer_training/Microsoft_Training_Courses/Visual-Studio-2005/2544.aspx}2544: Advanced Web Applications Technologies with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005]].