Additional Services at F1 for Overseas Customers

Please note that, due to low demand, this service has been withdrawn.

Over the past 15 years F1 has had many overseas clients come to the UK for classroom training on a broad range of Microsoft technologies.  During this time we have been increasingly aware, through customer requests and feedback, that these visitors have additional needs which are time consuming and troublesome to organise whilst in their own country.

F1 is pleased to announce our new Special Service for Overseas Customers.  Designed specifically for clients coming to the UK for classroom training, we believe that by satisfying these extra requirements we can significantly increase both the effectiveness and the enjoyment of training for our students. 

The following additional services are available on request in advance of booking for overseas customers: 

  • Back-to-Back and Fast-Track training courses with evening exams (if applicable) to help students maximise their training experience and minimise travelling times and costs. *

  • Customised Courses allow customers to specify the content of a training course, resulting in focussed training on specific technology requirements. *

  • Flexible daily course timings to suit preferred working day practices. For example, it may be preferable to start earlier in the day, have a longer lunch break or finish earlier. *

  • Self Study and additional reading time scheduled into the course with access to F1's computers, training staff and the internet.  This enables students to have quality time to absorb and experiment with newly acquired skills and knowledge. *

  • All overseas customers will receive a personalised 'F1 Welcome and Information Pack', which will include local maps, a travel guide, entertainment guides and an Oyster Card (London only) for free underground train and bus travel during their stay.

  • After booking a course with F1, we request the completion of a Pre-Course Questionnaire, which details the student's technology experience along with any dietary, physical or cultural requirements.

  • F1 can provide information relating to any religious and cultural requirements, including the location of local centres and specialist catering establishments. 

  • An Airport Collection and Drop-Off chauffeur service can be provided, if required.

  • Local Hotel Information and Booking Service.  We can suggest hotels that are close to the F1 offices and make reservations for students.

  • There is also an Optional Evening Event, subject to availability, which could be a visit to the theatre, a music concert, a sporting event, sight-seeing or just a group evening meal.

*  These options are subject to demand.  We require three or more students to agree on customised course content and/or timings.  However, there is some flexibility for individual cases.

NB.  Some of the above services will incur a charge in addition to the course fee.  Please contact us for details.


At F1, we aim to make learning both effective and enjoyable.  We believe that training should be enjoyed in order to achieve the maximum value to the student.  So, in addition to the intense classroom environment, we provide restaurant lunches to facilitate relaxed discussions amongst our students. 

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