SQL 2014 & 2012 FAQ



Microsoft, along with other software vendors, are moving to more frequent updates of their products and services.

In the case of Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server 2012 courses are now replaced with 'Microsoft SQL', with no version number or name after it.

While this can seem a little daunting, it does offer significant benefits to customers, partners and Microsoft, allowing customers to upgrade their products faster than the previous update cascade of two to four years, and to rapidly make use of the new features.

F1 FAQ for SQL customers

Q1.  I am currently working to achieve my MCSA around SQL 2012. What will happen? Will the new replacement courses still cover the exam content that the the SQL 2012 courses do?

A. The current suggestion from Microsoft is that you continue your Certification as planned.  The exams 461/462/463 will not change and will remain in the market without any alternations.
This can be seen in the diagram below.


Q2. I am interested in attending course 10774 as my company uses SQL 2012, but I have been told that this course has now been replaced by 20461.  Will this course still be relevant to me?

A. With regard to course 20461, less than 10% of the course content has changed from the previous version 10774.


Microsoft FAQ for customers

The following question specifically addresses the SQL Server certifications.

Q1.  How will the updates for SQL Server 2014 impact official Microsoft training and certifications?

A. SQL Server 2014 certifications will only be offered at the MCSE level. The new product features focus on performance tuning and high availability and are best suited for the MCSE level. As a result, the following updates are planned:

 • The MCSA: SQL Server 2012 credential and associated exams (461/462/463) will remain in market without any alterations.

There will be No MCSA SQL Server 2014 credential offered.

 • In April 2014, the MCSE: Data Platform (464/465) and MCSE: Business Intelligence (466/467) exams will be appropriately updated with SQL Server 2014 topics. The exam numbers will remain the same.

Details on the original and revised exam objectives are available for review in the 'Skills measured' section of each Exam found on the Microsoft Learning web page.

For more information on the SQL Server Certifications available through F1, click here.