Onsite Training

Why Choose Onsite Training?

Onsite training is increasingly being considered a viable alternative to the more traditional training methods. It has the inherent advantage of complete flexibility in terms of content, approach and timescales which make it the obvious choice of many organisations.
It should noted that, if possible, onsite training should not be viewed in isolation but rather as part of an overall training package customised to the needs of both the individual and the organisation as a whole.

Why F1?

F1 is the only Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions mandated by Microsoft to focus on developer training. We are able to offer a unique high quality onsite training service.  F1 is the only Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the UK that covers the entire MCSD exam prospectus. We have developed our own curriculum to fill the gaps in the official Microsoft Curriculum.
We are the only Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in UK to do the full range of Architecture courses. We even sent our own developers to Seattle to be trained directly by Microsoft.
Microsoft chooses F1 to provide onsite training for their own support staff in various development languages including Access and Visual FoxPro. This indicates the high regard Microsoft has for F1.


F1 Offers:

Cost and Time Effective

Onsite training can be very cost effective compared to formal classroom based training. The normal calculation is that if the customer has 3 or more developers available at the same time for training it is less expensive than the classroom based equivalent course.

In addition there is significant time saving to be made by having F1 come to your site rather than your staff coming to one of our sites. This also means that your staff are available either before or after courses to cover their normal work activities.

Flexibility of Approach

Onsite training allows the customer to select which training approach most suits their requirements.  Training sessions can be product or language oriented, or they can be project focused, tuned to the real life environment the developers work in.

Optional Supply of Pre-Configured Training PCs 

This saves customers the considerable time it takes to configure their own PCs for the courses. On average it takes about 4 hours per PC.


Additional Advantages of Onsite Training

The class learn as a team and, with the assistance of the trainer, are better able absorb product knowledge. The trainer can often tune onsite courses to reflect the actual development environment. If the intention is for staff to pass MCP exams, the class and the trainer are able focus on exam preparation.