F1 Training Vouchers

Obtaining the best technical training for your organisation may be your first preference. F1 is aware that sometimes funding this standard of training is a problem.

To help customers with this F1 have introduced a number of initiatives suited for both individuals and organisations.

The F1 'Save As You Learn' programmes are designed for employers and IT Professionals who want the best deal for their training needs. The F1 Training Voucher Scheme is designed to provide customers with a flexible training package that has substantial savings and reduces administration.

What are F1 Training Vouchers?

They are packages of between 25 to 60+ days of training pre-purchased from F1 at a substantial discount, up to 45%, which has significant advantages over booking courses one seat at a time.

They enable organisations to achieve the following:

  • Get entire project teams up to speed quickly, whenever the need arises.
  • Provide training to new employees.
  • Train Anyone – Anytime.

Advantages of F1 Vouchers:

  • Significant savings: off the cost of purchasing training one seat at a time.
  • Price Protection: lock in savings for twelve months from the start date of the first training course.
  • Reduced Purchasing Effort: eliminate the time and money spent approving training purchases throughout the year.
  • Convenient and easy to use: With the flexibility of Training Vouchers, you can satisfy your training requirements as they evolve throughout the year.




F1 Computing Can Help

F1 Computing is one of the leading training companies in its field and uses this expertise to ensure that its training clients have both the theoretical knowledge supplied by Microsoft curriculum and the practical knowledge to implement the skills learned.

A F1 Training Voucher would be a great way of pre-purchasing training for organisations that have a mix of employees, some that need to be Microsoft Certified and others that do not.

The flexibility of a F1 Training Voucher means that not only can you use it for one-off courses; you can also use it on courses that lead to Microsoft Certification, including the new Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 and Windows Store courses.

How Much Does It Cost & What Are the Savings?

   Cost of
Training Voucher
Training Voucher
Fee Per Day
Standard Course
Fee Per Day
Saving on Package
25 Day Training Voucher   £6,975 £279 £372 £2,325 25%
40 Day Training Voucher   £10,400 £260 £372 £4,480 30%
50 Day Training Voucher   £12,100 £242 £372 £6,500 35%
60 Day Training Voucher   £13,380 £223 £372 £8,940 40%
80 Day Training Voucher   £16,400 £205 £372 £13,360 45%
All Prices Exclude VAT

F1 Training Vouchers - Terms and Conditions

Availability and Usage

The Training Voucher offered under this agreement is only available to named organizations is non-transferable and is valid for twelve months from the Start Date of the first course attended. 

F1 vouchers are valid for ‘Standard’, 'Niche' and 'Premier' F1 courses.  F1 vouchers can use used on 'Exclusive' or 'Fast Track' courses by paying the difference in price between the actual price of the course and the price of a standard course.

Each course can be reserved by phone with F1 Training and is then confirmed in writing by a signed booking form. We advise you to book at least six weeks in advance to ensure availability on a specific date.


Full payment for the F1 Training Voucher must made 14 days after the order is placed.

Please note that the special fees chargeable for F1 Training Voucher are not subject to any preferential terms, which may or may not be in existence between F1 Training and the customer.

Cancellation/Postponement Terms

Cancellations and transfers to alternative dates are as detailed on our standard training booking form available on request.

Cancellations within 14 days of the course start date result in deduction of that course from the customers F1 Training Voucher.

Other Points

No refunds are available for the F1 Training Voucher.

Any unused courses remaining on the F1 Training Voucher at the date of expiry cannot be refunded or transferred.

F1 reserves the right to modify schedules and discontinue courses from its Public training schedule during the validity of the F1 Training Voucher.

F1 reserves the right to amend the Training Voucher if required.

Try an F1 course and then purchase F1 Training Voucher

You can purchase a F1 Training Voucher after the first course has been attended provided the Training Voucher application form is received within one month of the start date of that course.

In this event, the course already attended is then deducted from the total allowance on the F1 Training Voucher.