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CRM Address Manager Add-On for Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online & CRM 4.0 On Premise

Overview of CRM Address Manager

CRM Address Manager is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on software solution developed by F1 Computing that allows users to effectively manage addresses.

On the whole, the data structures in Microsoft Dynamics CRM have been designed well. However, out-of-the-box, it does not store or handle addresses very efficiently and as a consequence, the real world experience can present some challenges.

For example, whenever you add a contact to a company/account, it creates a copy of the primary address and stores this against a new contact. This copying of addresses is repeated for all subsequent contacts.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the data remained static, but in the real world, addresses change and contacts move on. When a company/ account primary address changes, the user has to manually edit each of the contact addresses individually.

This can lead to a considerable waste of time and money. The problem is exacerbated if there are several addresses and sites.

CRM Address Manager resolves this issue by linking the addresses to companies/ accounts and their contacts, enabling easy editing and saving significant user effort.

Why Choose a F1 Product?

F1 has a twenty year history with CRM, beginning with the development of our own sales and marketing software and culminating in the full range of services and software that we offer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our broad experience training users and developers, and implementing CRM customisations helps us view Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform for delivering business solutions in a cost effective manner.

F1’s software add-ons show that the usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extended to create solutions for all sorts of business processes. Our integration skills allow you to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and maintain your current investment in other business software.

Using CRM Address Manager

The main way to interact with F1 CRM Address Manager is in the Contact screen.

When Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used out-of-the-box, the Contact screen will either display the main company address, or the contact home address. Additional addresses can be added using the ‘More Addresses’ button.
However, there is nowhere that all of the addresses associated with a company/ account or contact can be seen together.

After installing CRM Address Manager, an additional section will appear on the Contact form that lists all of the associated addresses. An address can then be selected as the default or primary address for that contact in just one click.

The associated addresses can also be sorted within the section by simply clicking on the column heading of any of the fields.

Address Iframe

Verifying Addresses

The CRM Address Manager add-on has an address verification and update program included. This software can be run at any time, but it is advisable for it to be the first task after installation. A report is generated to show whether Contact addresses are correctly linked to the relevant parent account address.

Addresses that are not correctly entered can then be amended to ensure better address management in future.
Purchase Options and Pricing Structure

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