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User Administration

Add New Users

Systems Purchased Prior to September 2012

Navigate to Settings/System/Administration.  Click on the Subscription Management and the System will tell you how many Licenses you have used to far.

If you have no licenses spare then click on the View Offers Tab and purchase the number of required extra licenses.

If you are replacing an existing user then Navigate to Settings/System/Administration. Click on Users and the system will bring up a list of the enabled users.  Click on the user and assign in the top ribbon assign their records to the appropriate other user before clicking the disable user also situated on the ribbon.

Once the license user license has been disabled they will no longer be able to access the system and they will have been removed from the listed of active users.

Adding new user; from the user list click New in the top left hand corner of the ribbon and follow the wizard to add.

New users must have a windows live ID associated with their email address prior to being able to log in.  To create a Windows live ID from an existing email address Click Here.

The user will need to have clicked on the verification email from the Windows Live team prior to being able to log in to CRM.

Once the new user has been added they will receive an invitation from Microsoft if the box has been ticked to follow a link to log in.  We recommend that users bookmark the CRM Page when they have logged in.


Active Trials and Systems Purchased after September 2012

Navigate to:- https:\\

Log in with User name and password

From the Administration Area Navigate to Users.

Add a new user using the wizard and you can also disable users in the same area.

More advanced technical information

As Microsoft Gold Learning Partners we run regular CRM advanced User and Technical Training Course Click Here for a list of courses available.

Microsoft Technical Numbers

For Customers who Purchased Prior to September 2012 Contact 0800 3762862 and choose technical support option

For Customers who purchased or have active trial after September 2012 Contact 0800 032 6417 and choose technical support option.

If you are still experiencing difficulty then contact or telephone 01225 336096.