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QuickLabel Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics CRM FREE

Overview of QuickLabel

Quick Label is a Managed Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on software solution developed by F1 Computing Systems Ltd.

The solution Allows users to print an address label in only two clicks.

Reduces the effort of performing an entire Microsoft Word mail merge just to print one address label
a process which normally takes 19 mouse clicks!

Quick Labels has been designed to be fully compatible with its sister product, CRM Address Manager, so that together they provide a comprehensive solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM addressing requirements.

QuickLabel formats are fully configurable via XML and now comes with predefined address formats for all EU countries and all G20 countries.

Why Choose a F1 Product?

F1 has a twenty year history with CRM, beginning with the development of our own sales and marketing software and culminating in the full range of services and software that we offer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our broad experience training users and developers, and implementing CRM customisations helps us view Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform for delivering business solutions in a cost effective manner.

F1’s software add-ons show that the usability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be extended to create solutions for all sorts of business processes. Our integration skills allow you to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and maintain your current investment in other business software.

Quick Label Free View in CRM

QuickLabel adds a new button to the contact and account (company) toolbars, which when pressed, generates a formatted label from the visible address shown on the screen.


Prior to printing, the label is displayed in a new window, allowing the user to edit the text or formatting to suit requirements.

The text size printed on the actual paper label is dependent on the number of lines and the number of characters on each line. The more text on the label the smaller to text size will be on the printed label.

Link to short flash video demonstration of Quick Label

Easy Installation

The installation of QuickLabel has been designed to be straightforward, with just the installation of the program, and the installation or selection of the required label printer. Installation is limited to Users with Administrator privileges, for increased security.

The installation of QuickLabel is optimised for the range of Dymo products, the world’s most popular label printer. Other manufacturers may have different routines which F1 is happy to quote to adapt to work with F1's Quick Labels.

Quick Label Free is designed to work with both CRM Online and On Premise using out of the box fields for contact names and addresses.  If you require Quick Label for other entities or fields please contact us for a quotation.

To receive your free copy of Quick Label email with your contact details.

More information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can be found via F1's CRM main page.