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Sync Accounts Integration


Sync Accounting for CRM allows you to synchronise customer information between Sage Accounts and Microsoft CRM including:

  • Company, Contact and Address details.

  •  Billing Information including Credit Limit, Credit Terms, Current Account status and Credit Hold Status

In addition, Sync Accounting for CRM allows authorised CRM users to have Visibility of the financial information relating to customers including:

  • Customer Account Statement

  •  Sales Invoices - both outstanding invoices and entire history

Lastly, Sync Accounting for CRM enables you to print and email PDF copies of account statements and individual sales invoices to colleagues and customers.


Sync Accounting for CRM is £995 for up to 10 users and £995 for each additional 10 users. Support is 20% p.a.
If required,

Installation via VPN link is available at £100.

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