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Microsoft Dynamics Extended CRM 2013 Online: The Perfect RAD Tool?

What makes a perfect RAD tool? Certainly Microsoft Dynamics Extended CRM 2013 ticks many of the boxes below.

In the end you will decide if it is suitable for your business.

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Comparison Table Checklist

Key features for Developers CRM 2013 Online Your current
tool and framework
Development Framework & Platform written in .NET itself. ü  
Very suitable for Agile Projects. ü  
Save time and money:
Evidence shows that using Microsoft CRM as your platform cuts 50% to 70% off your development time.
The same SDK available to users as is used by Microsoft's own developers. ü  
.NET + CRM  offers out of the box security model, UI Framework. ü  
The same development code for Cloud, IPS and On-Premise versions of CRM 2011. ü  
Uses secure high performance SQL 2008 database technology. ü  
Supports AppFabric, LINQ, XAML, JSON, Atom, Ajax & Silverlight. ü  
Offline client access in one click. ü  
Field level security on all custom tables. ü  
Uses WCF to link to other systems. ü  
Mobile client available out of the box (including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry!). ü  
Makes development productive and interesting again: Allows your developers to focus on the interesting high level design and coding and leaves the maintenance of the development platform to Microsoft. ü  
Major investment:
Over 500 new features in this version & 90% of Microsoft developer working on cloud projects now.


IT Environmental Requirements CRM 2013 Online Your current
tool and framework
No additional infrastructure needed:
Users need just internet connected PC.
Powerful and flexible security environment:
To provide different levels of security access to different types of users.
Needs to run both in Outlook and in Web Browser. ü  
CRM Online runs on high level security data centres based in the EU:
No Patriot Act issues!
Part of the Microsoft stack:
Links natively to both Cloud and On-Premise Exchange and SharePoint servers.
Ability to migrate solutions to On-Premise servers at any time. ü  
Private cloud options available. ü  


End Users and their needs CRM 2013 Online Your current
tool and framework
Outlook interface already well known: 
Users often don’t want to learn yet another computer interface.
Users can easily personalise their own CRM interface to suit their own requirements. ü  
Great for Prototyping. ü  
Great for projects where requirements evolve over time. ü  
Users want access to multiple databases at the same time. ü  
Some users need to work Offline & in remote locations. ü  
Audit trail available. ü  
Workflow built in:
Via Windows Workflow Foundation.
Reporting analysis & dashboards available. ü  
Live data analysis, reporting & 3D dashboards:
Great for managers and power users.
CRM Designed with Power Users in mind:
Some power users want to modify  parts of their solution without waiting for developer resources.
Fully integrated MAPI outlook client:
Gives you access to all Outlook fields and flexibility.
Addons & customisations - safe and secure: You can access any of the shelf Addons/ customisations available in the new Microsoft marketplace. ü  


Flexibility CRM 2013 Online Your current
tool and framework
Scalable from 5 to 50,000 users with 0.25 sec response time:
On just 2 Dell PC servers!
Flexible licensing needed to fit changing demands (e.g. seasonal business.) ü  


Financial issues CRM 2013 Online Your current
tool and framework
No capital budget needed:
You just need to be able to afford small monthly charge/user.
Financial money back guarantee of 99.9% availability. ü  
No charge for External Connector:
Build great customer facing internet connections to your CRM system.




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