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 xRM for Business Managers

Microsoft xRM is what is known as a 'Solution Development Framework'.

This simply means that xRM contains a huge array of prebuilt configurable components that, with a minimum training, line-of-business Managers and their staff can use it to build their own customised solutions, and to help them improve their productivity and efficiency.

Business Managers no longer need to be dependent upon their hard pressed IT teams to find the time and resources to build a solution. Instead, within a few hours of subscribing to CRM Online, managers can use xRM to design and build their own customised solutions that solve their everyday business problems.

If you are familiar with Excel you can quickly become familiar with xRM and then take advantage of all of the benefits that xRM delivers.

xRM is available immediately via either Microsoft CRM Online service which runs on servers in Microsoft’s own datacentres or, if preferred, it can be installed on your own site as it runs on the same Microsoft Windows Servers that your IT department probably already uses.

Also because xRM is built on Microsoft .NET 4, it is likely to be fully accepted and supported by IT teams as it works through and with familiar technologies like Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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