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Take the 'C' out of CRM and you‘re left with Microsoft Dynamics Relationship Management—and that‘s the right way developers should think about this product - xRM (where X is any relationship).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just about sales and marketing. It‘s a xRM platform for developing line of business applications—applications that manage and track information and processes around real-world objects.

The object could be a customer, but it could also be a grant, building, or a potential candidate for hire.

The key question is: Do I need to track the information and activities related to this entity? If the answer is yes, Microsoft CRM/xRM deserves some serious consideration.

We together with Microsoft themselves consider that Microsoft xRM is a great addition to the arsenal of the software Developer.

It is a Solution Development Framework that again and again has shown to cut development time by up to 75%. 

It is built on the .NET Framework, uses WCF and works through and with familiar technologies like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft development and test teams are dedicated to updating the framework allowing you to focus on the high level design, development and reporting tasks to build customised solutions in record time.

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