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Cuts development time by up to 75%!

As organisations strive to do more with less, many are exploring techniques to maximise productivity while reducing costs.

By taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics xRM as a Solution Development Framework, organisations can reduce project timelines without having to adapt the business to match the software model. Organisations can challenge the notion of business process change, while taking advantage of their current investment in Microsoft technology.

By using Microsoft Dynamics xRM as a solution development framework, organisations can invest once, yet develop multiple applications. Because you have a common layer for all of your Line of Business applications, you never have to repeat the process of building a framework.

Thus, the cost of your future applications is drastically reduced, paying back the cost of your initial investment. Every time you add an application on top of Microsoft Dynamics xRM, you have reduced your base cost via the framework savings on the new application.

With a solid, reliable framework, you have a predictable method for extending and scaling applications.

Lastly, you save money because Microsoft takes on much of the work for you. Instead of having to invest in updating and modifying your framework as new needs arise or technology changes.

Microsoft takes on that cost of a full-time development and test team dedicated to updating the framework and making sure that it works with other products, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office.

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