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xRM - A Solution Development Framework

Drive Efficient and Effective IT

Streamline your IT operations through a common LOB application platform that allows you to better leverage and maximize your existing IT resources.

  • One platform, many applications: Extensible building blocks allow your IT department to quickly tailor unique applications to fit many business needs.
  • Benefit from shared resources and infrastructure: Leverage existing resources and capabilities in Microsoft Office, SharePoint, SQL Server, and .NET.
  • Increase the efficiency of IT: Reduce time and effort associated with development, testing, release management, change management, and administration.

Develop the Right Business Applications

With flexible application services, your LOB business applications can be quickly defined to fit a wide variety of business needs.

  • Meet specialized business requirements: Provide a wealth of relationship management capabilities, as well communication and collaboration tools out-of-the-box, enabling IT to deliver the right capabilities quickly.
  • Speed end-user adoption: A familiar and intuitive user interface built on Microsoft Office helps users get up to speed quickly and with minimal training.
  • Improve business insight and visibility: Data visualizations, dynamic reporting, and real-time access to information help keep your people informed and up-to-date.

Deliver Rapid Innovation and Agility

Rapidly provide innovative business solutions focused on strategic objectives and quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of the business with confidence.

  • Keep pace with business change: Change quickly when the market changes with dynamic applications services and a highly flexible data architecture.
  • Focus on strategic objectives: Spend less time and fewer resources on developing custom applications or trying to get packaged software to fit business needs, so you
    can focus on high-level goals.
  • Empower the business through innovation and agility: Provide business users with the ability to make changes and rapidly provide new differentiated capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available now running on servers in Microsoft’s EU based datacentres.

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics xRM can improve productivity, efficiency and intelligence for IT Managers, Developers and Business Managers.


Don't just take our word for it. there are literally thousands of developers around the world now working in xRM. Cick to see several real world case studies detailing how specific customers benefited from using xRM as a solution development framework.

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F1: CRM/xRM Empowerment Champions

F1 have over twenty years experience in developing CRM products and solutions for our customers. We are firm believers in empowering all levels of users and management to make best use of the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM while ensuring that system integrity is maintained.

We do this by providing consultancy services and our own  fast track CRM training courses that focus on showing you how easy it is to customise and extend Microsoft Dynamics xRM.

More information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 can be found via F1's CRM main page.