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  1. Cumbria Foundation Trust
  1. TTT MoneyCorp
  1. The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
  1. Kent Fire and Rescue Service
  1. Endsleigh Insurance
  1. Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML)
  1. US AirForce (RFF) Uses CRM to Support Troops
  • The Department of the Air Force has roughly 500,000 forces, civilian and military. The mission of the Air Force is to fly and fight, and to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. The Request for Forces process is used when a combatant commandment has insufficient forces to accomplish the mission that he’s been assigned, so he has to come back to the joint staff to request more forces.

  1. City of London Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to treat royalty and expand services to citizens

  • The City of London needed a system to track citizen contact, manage city hospitality events and to store election data base information for their businesses. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated information from 19 different departments to become more responsive to customer needs.